A range of voices, approaches, and ideas are necessary to advance a robust agenda for change. The Metcalf Foundation contributes to public policy and sector leadership through its support for original research and new thinking. In this section, you will find Metcalf Fellowship reports and a wide variety of publications, videos, and other work the Foundation has commissioned or produced in partnership with others.

Special Series

The Local: The Finch West Issue
A special series focusing on stories from Finch West on the verge of a massive transformation, produced by The Local and funded by Metcalf and United Way Greater Toronto.
The Narwhal: Spirits of Place
A special series exploring the many ways Indigenous communities and Nations are enacting their responsibilities to their lands, waters, and future generations, produced by The Narwhal and funded by Metcalf and MakeWay.
Highlights and Challenges in Building Inclusive Local Economies
A special series, produced in partnership with The Local StoryLab, focusing on the issues the Metcalf Foundation’s Inclusive Local Economies program has supported over the last 10 years.
The Narwhal: Carbon Cache
A special series focusing on the role of Canada’s natural landscapes in the fight against climate change, produced by The Narwhal and Metcalf.
The Working Poor: Three Perspectives
Metcalf Innovation Fellow John Stapleton’s recent report, "The Working Poor in the Toronto Region" shows that the number of people who work and yet live in poverty continues to increase. To provide insight into these trends, Metcalf invited three colleagues to share their thoughts on the report.
The Philanthropist
A six-part series about arts and culture philanthropy published as a collaboration between The Philanthropist and The Metcalf Foundation.
Good Food, Good Jobs
This inquiry looks at what can be done to make food jobs good jobs, recognizing the inherent challenges presented by the industrialization of food.
Solitary Confinement Series
Metcalf Innovation Fellow John Stapleton explores the difficulties that social assistance recipients face when pursuing self-employment.
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