Photo: Ryan Dickie / The Narwhal
The Narwhal: Spirits of Place

One of the goals of our Environment program’s Carbon Landscapes initiative is to increase the level of public awareness and understanding about Indigenous-led conservation. Through support for in-depth research, reporting, and engaging coverage, we help to shed light on the issues, people, and communities involved in this work.

Spirits of Place, a special series produced by The Narwhal and funded by Metcalf and MakeWay, explores the many ways Indigenous communities and Nations are enacting their responsibilities to their lands, waters, and future generations — big and small, ancient and new, independently and in partnership — and what those efforts mean for all of us. Featured below are stories from the series.

Photo: Kayla MacInnis / The Narwhal
On National Indigenous Peoples Day, remember to thank the caretakers of the place you call home
Much of Indigenous histories and resilience is embedded in the lands and waters that sustain us — and Indigenous stewardship is the path forward to protecting it.
Illustration: Karlene Harvey / The Narwhal
The future of conservation in Canada depends on Indigenous protected areas. So what are they?
Canada’s climate commitments rest in Indigenous Protected and Conserved Areas — often called IPCAs. While the concept isn’t new, it’s gaining better recognition and funding from, at least, some governments.
Photo: Albert Mccallum
‘Why didn’t they stop this fire?’ Métis community reeling after planned protected area goes up in flames
For years, residents of Île-à-la-Crosse have been fighting to protect huge swaths of boreal forest. Now, they say half of what they’re trying to save is ash.