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Providing critical thinkers with opportunities to address complex ecological, social, economic, and cultural issues
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Foundation Highlights

Creative Strategies Incubator 2017 cohort present their work at Toronto Fringe’s Next Stage Community Booster

Government of Canada announces $3.9 billion investment in Nature-Based Climate Solutions
Biennial Report
Weaving the Strands
Metcalf Story
Metcalf’s COVID-19 2020 grants
Participants in Staging Change 2020 selected
CBC’s Michael Enright talks to Workers’ Action Centre’s Deena Ladd about the risks facing cleaners and janitors during COVID-19
The Narwhal: Carbon Cache
Metcalf Innovation Fellow David Maggs writes about arts and COVID for new collaboration with The Philanthropist
Inaugural Johanna Metcalf Performing Arts Prizes Celebration
Creative Strategies Incubator 2017 Public Sharing Event
Farmers for Climate Solutions release recommendations for COVID-19 recovery in Canadian agriculture
New report on financing conservation in Canada
Annual Green Budget Coalition recommendations feature nature-based climate solutions
Staging Change Introductory Webinar and Information Session
Next round of Staging Change announced
Metcalf Story
Important update from the Metcalf Foundation
Metcalf Story
Metcalf Foundation joins Give5 Campaign
Metcalf Story
Message from Metcalf President and CEO Sandy Houston on COVID-19
2020 Toronto Sector Skills Academy Virtual Information Session
Nature-Based Climate Solutions Summit
The Working Poor: Three Perspectives
Data Policy Coalition seeks access to administrative data
Staging Change participants attend five-day Incubating Innovation Intensive Retreat
The Local wins gold for Best Interactive/Infographic Story at Canadian Online Publishing Awards
New series with The Narwhal on natural climate solutions
Winners of Johanna Metcalf Performing Arts Prizes on TVO’s The Agenda
Radio Canada interviews musician Njacko Backo and Metcalf’s Michael Trent
CBC Radio’s Fresh Air features Johanna Metcalf Performing Arts Prizes winner Maryem Tollar and protégé Demitrios Petsalakis
CBC Radio Metro Morning’s Matt Galloway interviews John Stapleton and Adriana Beemans
The Prisoner Issue: The Local magazine examines how justice and health meet in Ontario’s prisons
Toronto’s Workforce Funders Collaborative is hiring an executive director
Inaugural Johanna Metcalf Performing Arts Prizes announced
Social Finance for Arts & Culture workshop and webinars
Environment Program commits 100% to natural climate solutions
Conservation through Reconciliation Partnership launched
Staging Change Stage 3 participants selected
Creative Strategies Incubator 2016 delivers shared learnings
Professor Geoffrey Crossick in Toronto to address gathering on value of arts and culture
The Philanthropist
Creative Strategies Incubator 2016 Cohort Public Sharing: Providing greater opportunities for artistic work to achieve its potential
Launch: Environmentalists, what are we fighting for?
Help Wanted Report a collaboration between Metcalf and Toronto Region Board of Trade, United Way Greater Toronto
New application process for Innovation Fellowship Program
2019 Carbon Landscapes grants awarded
Metcalf announces Performing Arts Internship grants
Award-winning magazine The Local receives support from Metcalf
Indigenous-led conservation and carbon storage gathering in Guelph
Staging Change participants engage in Small Experiments with Radical Intent
What the Raptors’ victory can teach us about workforce development
Critical forward movement for cycling in Toronto
The Nature and Climate Change Gathering
New six-part collaboration with The Philanthropist looks at arts and culture philanthropy in Canada
Metcalf Story
Metcalf at 2018 Philanthropic Foundations Canada Conference
Eight performing arts companies and organizations accepted into Staging Change Stage 2
Creative Strategies Incubator 2016 & 2017 cohorts join forces
2018 Toronto Sector Skills Academy fellows graduate
Metcalf Photo Essay: Pembina’s cargo bike workshop
Metcalf Interview: Melissa Dibble
2019 Carbon Landscapes application guidelines released
Metcalf Photo Essay: Stage 1 of Staging Change concludes
CBC Radio Ideas broadcasts talk by Metcalf Innovation Fellow Graham Saul
Metcalf Innovation Fellow Graham Saul interviewed by Steve Paikin on TVO’s The Agenda
Metcalf Photo Essay: Graham Saul paper launch
Environmental Defence releases report aiming to reduce Ontario’s carbon pollution
Metcalf Innovation Fellows featured in new web page
Metcalf Photo Essay: Creative Strategies Incubator: 2015 Cohort Public Sharing
California learning
FoodReach launches new online portal, merges with North York Harvest Food Bank
Poll finds 80 per cent of Torontonians support building protected bike lanes
Better Way Alliance produces short videos to promote $15 per hour minimum wage
Metcalf Interview: Graham Saul
Creative Strategies Incubator 2015 Cohort Public Sharing: New approaches to, or alternative sources of, revenue
Inaugural Staging Change cohort announced
Staging Change Associate Facilitator Training Initiative participants named
Metcalf Photo Essay: TSSA 2018 June Retreat
Metcalf Photo Essay: Cafe Opened by Thorncliffe Park Women’s Committee
Metcalf renews support of Ontario Artistic Leadership Residency at National Theatre School of Canada
Metcalf Interview: Jodi Sturgeon
Hudson Bay and James Bay Lowlands & Mackenzie River Basin announced as focus areas for Carbon Landscapes
Inaugural Carbon Landscapes Grants Awarded
First Cohort of Climate Blueprints Grantees Approved
Spring 2018 Leading and Learning Grants Awarded
Toronto Centre for Active Transportation Releases #BuildTheVisionTO Report
Staging Change: Case Studies from EmcArts
Good Food, Good Jobs
Green Budget Coalition Celebrates Budget 2018
Cycle City Grantees Announced
Metcalf Interview: John Stapleton
Environment program welcomes new advisors
Congratulations to the 2018 Toronto Sector Skills Academy Cohort
Metcalf Interview: Richard Evans
Staging Change Information Session on April 23, 2018
Staging Change Associate Facilitator Training Initiative Outline Released
Metcalf Interview: Sheila Maguire
Leading and Learning Participants Benefit from Professional Development Grants
Staging Change: a New Program in the Performing Arts
Over 100 MPS and Senators ask Finance Minister for $1.4 billion investment in Canadian Nature
Metcalf Story
City of Toronto Seeking Ideas for $50 million Smart City Competition
Five ways Social Finance can transform arts organizations
New Report on zero emission vehicles puts Canada on the road to meet key climate commitments by 2030
Mowat Report Offers Innovative Solution to Meeting our climate commitments
Toronto Arts Foundation Highlights Two Bold Initiatives in New Theatre Report
Toronto Sector Skills Academy 2018 Applications Now Open
Toronto Sector Skills Academy 2018 Information Session & Webinar
New Environment Funding Streams & Other Program Updates
City council votes to make Bloor Street bike lanes permanent
Metcalf provides technical assistance for Ontario Sector Partnership Planning Grant
Pembina report calls attention to escalating freight emissions
2016-17 TSSA grads share success stories
Green Budget Coalition seeks increased investments in nature
Mayor backs cargo bikes as Pembina releases cyclelogistics report
CrSI 2014 Cohort Presents Their Findings
Why Bloor? Why Now?
Introducing the Creative Strategies Incubator 2017 cohort
Creative Strategies Incubator 2014 Cohort Public Sharing: Relationships, Audiences, and Communities
Arts for Youth Award highlights importance of mentorship
Support for bike lanes continues to grow
Clean energy is here to stay
New report examines possible routes to 2030 emissions-reduction targets
The evolution of Toronto’s streets leads to accessibility
Talking Sector Strategies on The Agenda with Steve Paikin
How the Danforth East Pop-Up Project moved grassroots practice to policy change
Convening the Creative Strategies Incubator
Introducing Artscape Daniels Launchpad. How can it help performing artists?
Announcing the newest Cycle City Grantees
Metcalf Launches New Program for Professional Leadership
Enabling Solutions Guidelines Released
National Housing Collaborative lays foundation for housing support
Performing Arts Interns Announcement
Making Electric Vehicles Happen in Canada
Cycle City Application Guidelines Released
Federal government ends the “4-in/4-out” rule for Canada’s migrant workers
Canada’s Electric Vehicle Policy Report Card
Solitary Confinement Series
Opportunities Fund Letters of Interest Due November 21
Are We There Yet? Report Talks Transit Investment in the GTHA
Green Prosperity Papers
Celebrating the 2013 Creative Strategies Incubator Cohort
Creative Strategies Incubator 2016 Application Information
Launch: The Power of Civic Action
Public Keynote: Metcalf hosts Janette Sadik-Khan
Webinar: Applying to Opportunities Fund
Webinar: Applying to Performing Arts Internships
Webinar: The Working Poor in the Toronto Region: Mapping working poverty in Canada’s richest city
Sector-Based Workforce Development
Stories from the Inc.: Alternative Revenues for the Performing Arts
Better Work: The path to good jobs is through employers
Pointers for Video Applications – Performing Arts Internships
Report Launch: Profiting from the Precarious: How Recruitment Practices Exploit Migrant Workers
Webinar: Applying to the Performing Arts Internships Program 2014
Report Launch: The “Welfareization” of Disability Incomes in Ontario
Report Launch: Choreographing Our Future: Strategies for Supporting Next Generation Arts Practice
Webinar: Creative Strategies Incubator 2014: Preparing Your Letter of Interest
Report Launch: Shared Platforms and Charitable Venture Organizations: A powerful possibility for a more resilient arts sector
Reinventing the Future: Green Economy at Community Scale
Webinar: Creative Strategies Incubator 2013: Preparing Your Letter of Interest
Creative Strategies Incubator Launched
Metcalf Launches Inclusive Local Economies Program
Metcalf Story
50th Anniversary City-Building Grants Announced
Report Launch: “Zero Dollar Linda”
Public Policy 201 – A Primer for Nonprofit Organizations Cutting Through the Fog: Why is it so Hard To Make Sense of Poverty Measures?
Why Don’t We Want the Poor to Own Anything?
Income Security for Working-Age Adults in Canada: Let’s Consider the Model Under Our Nose
Why Is It So Tough To Get Ahead? How Our Tangled Social Programs Pathologize the Transition to Self-Reliance
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