David Maggs, Metcalf Fellow on Arts and Society
Performing Arts

Metcalf Fellow on Arts and Society

At the heart of Art and the World After This lies two crucial questions: what does a cultural sector do? And what should we do with a cultural sector? This new fellowship will give David a robust opportunity to delve into these large and timely questions, advancing some of the promising ideas outlined in the paper.

Sandy Houston

President and CEO, Metcalf Foundation

Fellowship Updates

Art After This with Vicki Stroich and Judi Pearl

Art After This with Chantal Bilodeau
Art and the Climate Crisis
Art After This with Robin Sokoloski
Art After This with Nina Lee Aquino
Art After This with Darren O’Donnell
Art and Social Impact: Having Our Cake and Eating It Too?
Making Things Better Anyway
Art After This with Gideon Arthurs
Equipping the Future to Find the Art That It Needs: Five Questions on the Future of Cultural Nonprofits
Art After This with Patti Pon
The Art of Letting Go of Art
Art After This with Ravi Jain
Keystone Species and Rewilding the Arts
Art After This with Claire Hopkinson
Is This an Ecosystem or a Zoo?
Art After This with Owais Lightwala
Art and the Ouija Board?
Art After This: A New Conversation Series with Arts Leaders
Toilets and Transformation
Art and Transformation
Art From Values or Values From Art?
Paradox Into Practice
The Paradox in Our Purpose
Art on Its Feet
David Maggs Named Inaugural Metcalf Fellow on Arts and Society
Report Launch & Discussion: Art and the World After This by David Maggs
Metcalf Innovation Fellow David Maggs Writes About Arts and COVID for New Collaboration With the Philanthropist
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