Inclusive Local Economies

Focusing on sustainable economic opportunities for low-income people and communities in Toronto

Inclusive Local Economies Initiatives

Inclusive Local Economies Highlights

Highlights and Challenges in Building Inclusive Local Economies
A special series, produced in partnership with The Local StoryLab, focusing on the issues the Metcalf Foundation’s Inclusive Local Economies program has supported over the last 10 years.
Tireless Efforts of Advocates and Migrant Student Workers Result in Significant Immigration Changes and Improved Workers’ Rights
Adriana Beemans Named Bousfield Distinguished Visitor in Planning by the University of Toronto
Metcalf’s 2022 Opportunities Fund — the Process and Grantees
Documenting the Important History of the Ongoing Regent Park Revitalization
A Long-Fought Victory for Workers Achieved With $15 Minimum Wage in Ontario
Fair Chances Coalition Building More Equitable Hiring Practices and Better Businesses
Toronto Workforce Funder Collaborative — an Opportunity to Learn Together for Greater Impact
Public Policy Forum Shines a Spotlight on Precarious Work Through Brave New Work Project
2021/22 Opportunities Fund – Information Session
Thank You, John Stapleton — Celebrating Over a Decade of Innovation and Impact
Impact Investments Enable Parkdale Neighbourhood Land Trust Purchase of 36 Affordable Housing Units
Introducing Metcalf’s 2021 Opportunities Fund Grantees
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