Photo: Amber Bracken
The Narwhal’s Carbon Cache Series Receives a Swell of National Recognition

The Narwhal continues to make big waves in Canada’s media and journalism landscape. Over the past few months, this pioneering non-profit news organization known for its investigative journalism about Canada’s natural world received 25 nominations for national journalism awards, placing it above or alongside established media outlets and publications like The Globe and Mail, CBC, and The Walrus.

Among the nominees was Carbon Cache, a series funded by Metcalf that examines the role of Canada’s natural landscapes in the fight against climate change.


Most recently, Carbon Cache won gold for the Best Digital Editorial Package at the Digital Publishing Awards, beating out CBC for its COVID-19 coverage and The Globe and Mail’s Future of Cities package.

The Narwhal also won the prestigious award for General Excellence in Digital Publishing (Medium) and “Meet the people saving Canada’s native grasslands” received an honourable mention for Best Photo Storytelling.

In addition to the Digital Publishing Awards, Carbon Cache has garnered recognition at the following awards:



  • Finalist for Best Online Media for the Carbon Cache series

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