The Narwhal’s co-founders Emma Gilchrist (left) and Carol Linnitt (right). Photo: Taylor Roades / The Narwhal
New Series With the Narwhal on Natural Climate Solutions

One of the goals of our Environment Program’s Carbon Landscapes initiative is to increase the level of awareness and understanding among Canadians and public officials about natural climate solutions. Doing so we believe will help create public space and support for integrating and strengthening natural climate solutions as part of local, provincial, territorial, and national climate action.

We are pleased to share that we have entered into a partnership with The Narwhal, an award-winning online magazine that publishes in-depth and investigative journalism about Canada’s natural world. With Metcalf support, The Narwhal will produce a series of stories on the opportunities and challenges related to natural climate solutions in Canada.

Co-founded by Emma Gilchrist and Carol Linnitt in 2018, The Narwhal is a pioneer of non-profit journalism in Canada and has already won numerous awards for its work. As a non-profit, The Narwhal can accept donations to support coverage of particular topics, but maintains editorial control of the coverage.

The Foundation hopes this series of stories and research will shed light and provide greater public insight into the issues, people, and communities working at the intersection of climate, biodiversity, and sustainable livelihoods. Stay tuned for the series release later this year and in the meantime you can learn more about The Narwhal and its team of investigative journalists here.