Regent Park: A Progress Report
Shauna Brail, John Lorinc, Keisha St. Louis-McBurnie, Lena Sanz Tovar

Led by the University of Toronto and Spacing, and funded by Metcalf, Regent Park: A Progress Report — and the accompanying Regent Park Community Resource Library hosted by University of Toronto Libraries — examines several aspects of the Regent Park revitalization to date, including built form, social development, community benefits, and the broader housing policy environment.

The Metcalf Foundation has been engaged in Regent Park for over two decades. From supporting the creation of a cycling hub for residents, to the development of a dance program for Indigenous youth, to a micro-entrepreneurship food incubator, Regent Park is a community we have been deeply invested in — not only as a funder, but as an organization that is committed to long-term strategies that improve the economic livelihoods of low-income people and communities.

As the Regent Park revitalization continues to be a project of local, national, and international interest, our hope is that Regent Park: A Progress Report will become an meaningful document in the project’s history, providing helpful learnings for carrying out the remainder of this project and other similar urban redevelopment endeavours.