Recommendations for Budget 2022
Green Budget Coalition

Building on the Green Budget Coalition’s expertise, this document provides a comprehensive package of timely budget and fiscal recommendations whose adoption would advance progress on climate, nature, and equity, while creating jobs and protecting individual and collective health.

The Green Budget Coalition provides the following five feature recommendations for Budget 2022:

  1. Canada’s Renovation Wave: A Plan for Jobs and Climate
    CAD 10 billion–15 billion per year for 10 years to enable the renovation wave, including deep retrofits for residential and commercial buildings, Indigenous communities, and skills and market development.
  2. Phasing Out Fossil Fuel Subsidies and Re-Orienting Public Finance
    Recommendations to not introduce new fossil fuel subsidies, to phase out existing subsidies on an ambitious timeline, and to align all public finance with Canada’s climate commitments.
  3. Freshwater Management for the 21st Century
    CAD 1.3 billion over 5 years to protect, manage, and restore Canada’s freshwater resources.
  4. Permanent Funding for Protected Areas
    CAD 1.4 billion per year in permanent funding, increasing to CAD 2.8 billion per year by 2030–31 for managing terrestrial and marine protected areas.
  5. Office of Environmental Justice and Equity
    CAD 25 million over 2 years, then CAD 15 million per year ongoing to create a new Office of Environmental Justice and Equity.

The Green Budget Coalition is comprised of twenty-three leading Canadian environmental and conservation organizations and is co-funded by the Metcalf, Echo, McConnell, McLean, Catherine Donnelly, Gosling, Ivey, and Willow and Grace foundations in addition to support from coalition member organizations.