From Paris to Projects
Robert B. Gibson, Karine Péloffy, Daniel Horen Greenford, Meinhard Doelle, H. Damon Matthews, Christian Holz, Kiri Staples, Bradley Wiseman, Frédérique Grenier

From Paris to Projects: Clarifying the implications of Canada’s climate change mitigation commitments for the planning and assessment of projects and strategic undertakings is an important contribution to understanding exactly what sort of action is required to realize Canada’s climate commitments under the Paris Agreement. Although Canada has committed to doing its “fair share” to limit average global temperature rise to below 2°C, this goal is hard, if not impossible, to achieve without establishing a framework by which to articulate and measure targets and ensure that these are applied through a variety of different mechanisms under federal law.

The paper’s stated intention is to “establish a reasonably firm working base for comparing what we are doing with what is needed” to meet our commitments. The research analysis produced by the team of nine authors, including some of Canada’s leading climate and assessment experts, underscores that the solution to arresting global warming lies not just in a reliance on technological innovation but also in good governance.

From Paris to Projects indicates just how far Canada has to go to achieve its climate commitments; nothing short of a “profound global transformation of energy and economic systems is needed to meet the Paris Agreement’s obligations.” The authors remind readers that only “immediate and sustained best efforts” will keep overall global warming below 2°C.  Sounding a note of hope, the report concludes by acknowledging “while significant political as well as substantive challenges must be faced…the challenges are matched by a host of opportunities to enhance prosperity…while also building the foundations for lasting wellbeing.”