Envisioning and Catalyzing the Indigenous-led Conservation Economy
RAD (Restore, Assert and Defend) Network

The Restore, Assert and Defend (RAD) Network was formed in 2022 to enable conservation finance pathways rooted in Indigenous rights, responsibilities, and knowledge systems.

The RAD Network — supported by the Metcalf Foundation, Ducks Unlimited, NRDC, and WWF Canada — aims to change that by advancing collaborative solutions to restore relationships and Indigenous knowledge systems, assert Indigenous rights, and defend lands and waters.

In the lead-up to its visioning gathering held in April 2023, the RAD Network prepared a detailed backgrounder report to share the genesis of the network, emerging goals and priorities, context under which the work is taking place, current activities, and a collection of resources.

The RAD Network is a project of the Conservation through Reconciliation Partnership.