Building Toronto: Achieving Social Inclusion in Toronto’s Emerging Green Economy
Cheryl Teelucksingh and Laura Zeglen

As Toronto continues to build and move to a green economy, we must reflect on how this new economy will benefit and be inclusive of all Torontonians.

Racialized communities and other traditionally disadvantaged groups continue to face barriers in accessing decent work in the city. Under-employment, precarious employment, and persistent discrimination can prevent many from benefiting from Toronto’s recent period of growth and renewal.

In Building Toronto: Achieving Social Inclusion in Toronto’s Emerging Green Economy, Cheryl Teelucksingh and Laura Zeglen illustrate how an inclusive green economy founded on high labour standards has the possibility to improve community wellbeing while it strengthens environmental sustainability.

They present three interrelated tools—employment equity, community benefits agreements, and social enterprises—to support the transition to a socially inclusive green economy, provide recommendations on implementing these tools effectively within Toronto’s current economic context, and explain how the city can embed social equity into its current and future green development strategies.

Building Toronto is the third paper in the Metcalf Foundation’s Green Prosperity series. Three more papers will be released in the coming months, addressing a range of issues and opportunities in building a low-carbon, resource efficient, and resilient Canada.