2016-17 Toronto Sector Skills Academy Grads Share Success Stories

In 2016, the Metcalf Foundation launched the Toronto Sector Skills Academy (TSSA) in partnership with the Aspen Institute. The TSSA is a leadership development program focused on creating and sustaining workforce employment strategies for low-income people in the Greater Toronto Area. Participants are drawn from a variety of organizations, including non-profits, colleges, employment and training providers, and government.

The first cohort graduated in June 2017. Working together over a 10-month course of study, they explored case studies taught by leading local and international specialists, engaged in experiential learning with practical applications, and acquired new skills that allowed them to analyze, catalyze, and implement cutting-edge workforce employment strategies geared towards the evolving needs of today’s rapidly changing economy and job market.

Applications are now open for the February 5, 2018 deadline.

Watch this short video about the powerful impact the Toronto Sector Skills Academy made in the professional lives of our first graduating cohort. 4 min.

I’ve learned more here than in some of the degree programs that I have taken.

Matias De Dovitiis

Duke Heights BIA

The Toronto Sector Skills Academy has been hugely valuable to us.

Rowena Power

North York Harvest Food Bank

This is an opportunity for me to work with an incredible group of people to see if we can make a change.

sipho kwaku

WoodGreen Community Services