Toronto Sector Skills Academy 2018 Applications Now Open

To address the growing interest and need for sector-focused workforce development in Toronto, in 2016 the Metcalf Foundation established the Toronto Sector Skills Academy in partnership with the highly regarded Aspen Institute. This leadership program is the first of its kind in Canada. Participants in the Toronto Sector Skills Academy become Aspen Economic Opportunity Fellows and work with peers from a variety of organizations. Fellows attend three retreats and three workshops over a 10-month period. Led by experts drawn from across North America, participants engage in experiential learning with practical applications, acquire new skills to explore and enable sectoral workforce strategies. Partnerships are strengthened and networks broadened.

Applications will be accepted until February 16, 2018.

If you would like to arrange for one-on-one support in preparing your application, please contact


Webinar Information Session

A webinar on applying to the Toronto Sector Skills Academy was held on January 16, 2018. Click here to view a recording of the webinar. Presentation slides can also be accessed separately here.

Toronto Sector Skills Academy 2016-17 Cohort

Watch this short video about the powerful impact the Toronto Sector Skills Academy made in the professional lives of our first graduating cohort. Duration: 4 min 30 seconds.

I’ve learned more here than in some of the degree programs that I have taken.

Matias De Dovitiis

Duke Heights BIA

We learn from each other and that allows us to grow.

Mike Hewitt

Quinte Economic Development Commission

It’s really important for policy makers and practitioners to be together.

Najma Iqbal

Toronto Employment & Social Services

This is an opportunity for me to work with an incredible group of people to see if we can make a change.

sipho kwaku

WoodGreen Community Services

The Toronto Sector Skills Academy has been hugely valuable to us.

Rowena Power

North York Harvest Food Bank