The Prisoner Issue: The Local magazine examines how justice and health meet in Ontario’s prisons

The Prisoner Issue is The Local magazine’s second quarterly publication. The Local is an independent magazine exploring urban health and social issues in Toronto.

The Prisoner Issue looks at the complex ways that justice and health are intertwined. This issue examines several issues at the intersection of justice and health, including:

  • the rising incidents of seniors with dementia becoming entangled with the law, and what is and isn’t being done about it;
  • the intergenerational effects of incarceration, from the intimate perspective of one prisoner’s daughter;
  • what happens to the delicate balancing act between community safety and rehabilitation when those found not criminally responsible go AWOL from a mental health institution;
  • the fragmented lives of those on remand—the sizable portion of the prison population in custody but still awaiting trial; and
  • the experience of being openly gay in prison, a view from the inside.

The Prisoner Issue tackles these complex and challenging topics with humanity and artistry from a team of award-winning journalists and visual artists.