Annual Green Budget Coalition Recommendations Feature Nature-Based Climate Solutions

In mid-October, the Green Budget Coalition (GBC), a Metcalf grantee, released Recommendations for Recovery and Budget Actions in 2020-2021, its annual report. This year’s report focused on a comprehensive set of recommendations for how the federal government can follow-through on its commitment to a green recovery.

“From job creation to fighting climate change, nature is one of our greatest assets,” said David Browne, Green Budget Coalition Co-Chair and Director of Conservation for Canadian Wildlife Federation, in releasing the Coalition’s recommendations. “Government has made some promising commitments, from planting 2 billion trees, to protecting 25 per cent of land and oceans in Canada by 2025, to retrofitting 1.5 million homes,” Browne said. “Our recommendations detail the investments needed to make this and more happen to protect nature, tackle the climate emergency, and support jobs and communities through a green recovery.”

The report includes four feature recommendations, which would create jobs while accelerating Canada’s responses to the climate and biodiversity crises. They are:

  1. Building energy efficiency retrofits – $10 billion to improve energy efficiency and reduce reliance on fossil fuels in schools, hospitals, social housing, and residential buildings;
  2. Clean transportation – $4.8 billion over five years, including $700 million for transitioning to zero-emission vehicles;
  3. Nature-based climate solutions – $2.6 billion over five years, including reducing emissions through restoration of forests, grasslands, and wetlands, improved management of forestry and agricultural lands, and supporting natural infrastructure solutions; and
  4. Protected areas – $4.8 billion over five years, including increased support for Indigenous protected areas and Guardians programs.

The Green Budget Coalition is comprised of twenty-five leading environmental and conservation organizations and is co-funded by the Echo, McConnell, McLean, and Metcalf foundations in addition to support from coalition member organizations.