National Housing Collaborative lays foundation for housing support

The National Housing Collaborative (NHC) is a pan-Canadian coalition of non-profit and private housing associations and major foundations. The collaborative was created in response to the federal government’s focus on a national housing strategy.

Housing affordability is a pressing issue facing millions of Canadians. Without prompt action to address these challenges, many Canadians will continue to struggle, with significant consequences for the health and wellbeing of our communities.

The NHC’s power lies in bringing diverse interests together to develop and advocate for policy proposals that can shape and sustain housing affordability over the long term. Metcalf is proud to participate as a core funder of this innovative collaborative.

After a national consultation process, the NHC has produced a set of action-oriented policy proposals and is advocating for their adoption in the federal government 2017’s budget. These four interconnected policy pillars address a diverse range of needs and help us advance towards our shared vision of housing affordability.


Four Policy Pillars

  1. Adopt a national goal to end homelessness within 10 years – and launch a pan-Canadian initiative to make it happen.
  2. Develop a national housing benefit that provides direct financial assistance to renters, moving households out of poverty and providing them with more choice and autonomy.
  3. Maintain and increase the supply of rental housing that is affordable across the country through innovative financing and equity tools.
  4. Provide leadership and resources to strengthen and renew our existing social housing to ensure it remains physically sound and financially viable.

These four recommendations are complementary, and support other pressing federal policy objectives such as social inclusion, poverty reduction, and environmental sustainability. Taken together, these recommendations could have a catalytic, long-term effect on housing in Canada.

Click here to read the collective’s full submission to the National Housing Strategy.