Photo: Darren Calabrese
Introducing Metcalf’s Newest Carbon Landscapes Grantees

$172,775 over three years to help plan and establish an Indigenous Protected and Conserved Area in the Bistcho Lake region of Dene Tha’ First Nation’s Traditional Territory.

$100,000 over two years in partnership with Beaver Lake Cree Nation, to support trial preparations over the cumulative impacts of development on Treaty 6 territory.

$375,000 over three years in partnership with Katl’odeeche First Nation, Dehcho First Nations, Sambaa K’e First Nation, Ka’a’gee Tu First Nation, Jean Marie River First Nation, NWT Métis Nation, Deninu Kue First Nation, Deline Got’ine Government, and Tulita, to support ongoing work to plan and establish Indigenous Protected and Conserved Areas in the Northwest Territories.

$150,000 over three years in support of the Legal Foundations for Indigenous-led Conservation project to be delivered as part of the RELAW (Revitalizing Indigenous Law for Land, Air, and Water) program.

$275,000 over two years in partnership with BC Assembly of First Nations, to provide resources and support for First Nations in BC who are assessing the feasibility of a forest carbon project in their territory.

$100,000 over one year in partnership with EnviroEconomics, to identify federal subsidies that harm nature and propose revisions that align with efforts to achieve Canada’s protected areas targets.

$50,000 over one year for Rainforest Solutions Implementation Project, a project of MakeWay, to continue work on old growth forests and to help develop a viable regenerative forestry carbon model and approach for BC through a research partnership with Kwiakah First Nation and Dr. Suzanne Simard.

$45,000 over one year to work with the Gwich’in Tribal Council, to advance planning and establishment of Indigenous Protected and Conserved Areas within privately held Gwich’in settlement lands in the Yukon.

$225,000 over three years to demonstrate the potential of Other Effective Conservation Based Measures (OECMs) as a conservation tool for grasslands in the prairie provinces.

$75,000 over one year to quantify how old growth forest conservation efforts are compromised by expanded wood pellet production in Canada, with the primary focus on British Columbia.

$35,000 over one year in partnership with Smart Prosperity Institute, to help launch a new National Nature Investment Hub to facilitate the growth of public and private investments in nature protection and stewardship in Canada.

$25,000 over one year for Organizing for Change, a project of MakeWay, to continue shared strategy work on old growth forests and protected areas in BC.

$150,000 over three years to support work with the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), forestry companies, Indigenous communities, and partner ENGOs to secure protection of FSC candidate sites from logging and mineral exploration.

$200,000 over two years to support policy and science work at three scales — national, global, and in the Hudson Bay Lowlands — related to northern peatlands.

$100,000 over two years to build public awareness and support for strengthened biodiversity legislation in BC.

$110,000 over one year to kick-start a set of facilitated discussions and strategy sessions with an overarching goal of supporting greater collaboration toward achieving Canada’s 30×30 protected areas target.

$28,589 over one year to support convening and strategy work with partners working to advance terrestrial conservation in the Hudson Bay Lowlands.

$50,000 over one year to further develop and refine the carbon buffer forests concept, a proposed new approach to designating lands for restoration and protection.