Government of Canada Announces $3.9 Billion Investment in Nature-Based Climate Solutions

On November 30, as part of its 2020 Fall Economic Statement, the Government of Canada announced it will invest $3.9 billion over ten years to support the implementation of nature-based climate solutions. This includes support for planting two billion trees along with investments in efforts to protect, restore, and improve the management of Canada’s grasslands, wetlands, peatlands, and farmlands.

In 2020, Metcalf-funded initiatives ranging from the Nature-Based Climate Solutions Summit this past February in Ottawa to broader government outreach efforts of the Green Budget Coalition, have highlighted the need for greater investment in nature-based climate solutions across the country. The Foundation welcomes the Government of Canada’s announcement of nearly $4 billion in support of nature-based climate solutions, and we look forward to learning more details on how this commitment will be put into action.

The 2020 Fall Economic Statement in its entirety can be found here.