First Nations Carbon Toolkit: A Resource to Assess Forest Carbon Projects

Among First Nations in British Columbia, there has been a growing demand for up-to-date, plain-language information on natural climate solutions. To address this demand, Ecotrust Canada and the British Columbia Assembly of First Nations (BCAFN) partnered to co-develop the First Nations Carbon Toolkit, an informative toolkit for forest project opportunities for First Nations.

High-quality forest carbon projects led by First Nations can be a path toward community land management and sustainable revenue. It is crucial that First Nations are equipped with the right information to evaluate potential carbon projects, including rejecting a project that does not align with their values, interests and/or inherent title, rights, and treaty rights.

The online toolkit provides unbiased information to First Nations interested in learning more about what forest carbon offset projects are, what they mean for sovereignty, and how they can be used for protecting and restoring forests.

A comprehensive digital resource, the toolkit currently comprises of five modules:

  1. Climate Change & Natural Climate Solutions
  2. Carbon Markets & Carbon Offsets
  3. Implementing and Upholding First Nations Carbon Rights, Ownership & Entitlement
  4. Opportunities, Barriers & Case Studies
  5. Planning Your Carbon Project

At COP28 in Dubai, Patricia Rojas from BCAFN and Joseph Pallant from Ecotrust Canada showcased the toolkit at the Digital Innovation Pavilion, demonstrating the importance of digital tools for advancing climate action and First Nations-led initiatives.

For interested First Nations, BCAFN and Ecotrust Canada are available for in-person and virtual delivery of the toolkit, and can be contacted through the First Nations Carbon Toolkit website.