Canada’s Electric Vehicle Policy Report Card

If the world is to limit global warming to two degrees Celsius, the International Energy Agency suggests that 40 percent of new passenger vehicle sales must be electric by 2040.

However, a frank new assessment released by Simon Fraser University’s Sustainable Transportation Action Research Team (START) and funded by Metcalf finds that no Canadian province is on track to meet this goal.

Canada’s Electric Vehicle Policy Report Card provides an overview of each province’s current and proposed electric vehicle supportive policies and assigns a letter grade based on their effectiveness. Grades range from “F” to “B–” with Canada overall earning a “C–” for its existing policies.

Every province still has the opportunity to earn an “A.” Strong supportive policies, deployed at all levels of government, can encourage Canadian manufacturers and consumers to finally turn the key on electric vehicles.

Drawing from lessons learned at home and abroad, Canada’s Electric Vehicle Policy Report Card identifies a variety of effective policies that governments can combine to find the right balance of economic efficiency, equity, and political acceptability in their region, and make cleaner cars an easier choice for all Canadians.

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