Award-Winning Magazine The Local Receives Support From Metcalf

Two years ago the The Local began as a part of Openlab, a design and innovation studio at the University Health Network. It has now become an independent publication and the Foundation is supporting it over the next two years to help build its operations.

The Local has a singular focus on Toronto , reporting from corners of the city that are too often ignored or misunderstood. It aims to fill a role that many media outlets neglect, turning complex policy issues into compelling narratives, and addressing problems that are pressing and ongoing. The magazine borrows tools from ethnography, digital storytelling, and journalism to look beyond what data can tell us about the issues, needs, gaps, and opportunities from a human experience standpoint and gives voice to people who are often not heard.

In its first quarterly publication, The Geography of Difference, The Local explores how Toronto is becoming increasingly polarized. The article Providing care, Barely Getting By, reminds us of the critical work Personal Support Workers do as the backbone of the health care system. And it also underscores that their low wages and unreliable hours have resulted in a province-wide shortage of PSWs.

In 2018, The Local was nominated for four Canadian Online Publishing Awards, and won two: Best Photo Journalism and Best Investigative Article.