Apply to the Public Voice Fund for Government Relations Support for Your Environmental Work

The Public Voice Fund provides funding to Canadian charities to hire government relations (GR) professionals to engage with federal, provincial, and territorial officials on timely environmental issues.

Organizations can apply for funding to retain external GR support for work in two areas:

  1. innovative responses, insights, and measures that mitigate climate change and achieve GHG emission reductions in sectors such as energy, transportation, industry, buildings, and others; and
  2. natural climate solutions that take an integrated approach to benefit biodiversity, sustain livelihoods, and mitigate climate change.

Grants are available for up to $30,000 and applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Decisions are made within 4-6 weeks upon receiving an application.

With inspiration and vision from Trottier Foundation, the Public Voice Fund was established in 2020 as a co-funded initiative by Trottier, Echo, and Metcalf Foundation; it is housed within Small Change Fund.

Visit the Public Voice Fund website to learn more and apply.