2019 Carbon Landscapes application guidelines released

The Foundation is pleased to announce the release of the 2019 Carbon Landscapes Application Guidelines. The deadline for applications to Carbon Landscapes under Funding Strategy 1 is April 16, 2019, 2:00pm. Additional program information can be found below.

The goal of Carbon Landscapes is to advance natural climate solutions in Canada.

Well-functioning ecosystems play a critical role in maintaining a stable climate here on Earth. From forests to farmlands and grasslands to wetlands, Canada is home to a range of ecosystems that can store and sequester carbon. Natural climate solutions involve strategies to protect, restore, and steward the carbon services of terrestrial and marine ecosystems, while also benefitting biodiversity, and sustaining livelihoods.

Canada has a globally significant role to play in protecting biodiversity and advancing climate solutions. An integrated response to both climate change and biodiversity loss should take advantage of the efficient, cost-effective services provided by natural climate solutions.

Carbon Landscapes has a two-track funding strategy to move us forward.

Funding Strategy 1
Build sector capacity, intellectual leadership, and public understanding of linkages between climate action, biodiversity conservation, and sustainable livelihoods, to create space and support for advancing natural climate solutions. Examples of the type of work supported under this strategy include a mix of complementary and often combined activities, such as:

Public Policy Research and Analysis 
Funding to produce timely, well-researched, and accessible reports to inform the design of new policies and programs, financing mechanisms, legal frameworks, and other levers to support natural climate solutions.

Convening and Collaboration
Funding to convene community leaders, non-governmental organizations, scientists, industry, and government officials to build bridges and common understanding of challenges and opportunities at the interface of climate action, biodiversity conservation, and sustainable livelihoods. Granting in this area would help convene leaders from within and across sectors to better link, coordinate, and advance mutually supportive activities.

Communications and Public Education
Funding to establish a public narrative and heightened level of awareness among Canadians and public officials of natural climate solutions. This will create public space and support for integrating and strengthening natural climate solutions as part of provincial, territorial, national, and international climate action plans.

Funding Strategy 2
Support a targeted set of protection, restoration, and stewardship efforts to store and sequester carbon and conserve biodiversity, that also results in cultural, economic, and social benefits. Our geographical areas of focus are currently limited to the Hudson Bay and James Bay Lowlands and the Mackenzie River Basin. Funding proposals for work under Strategy 2 are by invitation-only.

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