Information Session: 2022 Performing Arts Internships

The Metcalf Foundation’s Performing Arts Internships help organizations create productive entry points into the sector, realize opportunities to foster leadership, and respond to skill shortages in critical areas. The internships provide individuals with more knowledge, better skills, broader work experience, and useful contacts in order to gain meaningful and sustainable employment while making a strong professional contribution to the performing arts.

In a webinar on March 1, 2022, Metcalf’s Performing Arts Program Director, Michael Trent, answered questions about our Performing Arts Internships. Although the webinar was made in preparation for the 2022 deadlines, all of the content remains relevant to the 2024 deadlines except for the maximum value of the grant, which has been increased to $36,000. Please read the 2024 guidelines carefully.

The webinar covered:

  • Eligibility and application requirements,
  • Key changes in the 2022 guidelines that still apply in 2024 (except for the maximum grant value, which has been increased to $36,000),
  • What the Foundation will consider when reviewing applications and the components of successful applications, and
  • Common pitfalls of unsuccessful applications that applicants should try to avoid.

This webinar is recommended for organizations considering applying to the Performing Arts Internships upcoming Round 1 April 3, 2024 or Round 2 October 8, 2024 deadlines. New applicants to the program will find the webinar particularly helpful, but it might also be useful for people who have applied, either successfully or unsuccessfully, in the past.

You can watch a recording of the webinar below and download the slides here and download the transcript here.

Jump to:
04:29: Metcalf history and mandate
06:32: Internships initiative – context
11:30: Application overview
18:37: Changes to 2022 application (all apply to 2023 except maximum grant value, which has been increased to $36,000)

You can read the Q&A here.