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Pollution Solutions: Eleven Ways Ontario Can Take Action on Climate Change
Envrionmental Defence

Pollution Solutions: Eleven Ways Ontario Can Take Action on Climate Change is a comprehensive report by Metcalf grantee Environmental Defence, which outlines a range of solutions that Ontario can immediately implement to cut carbon pollution.

The report begins by arguing that the provincial government’s recent decision to opt out of carbon pricing should not be an excuse for inaction. Carbon pricing while an important policy, the authors state, is not the only one available to reduce carbon pollution. Ontario has many other options that can produce cleaner air, new jobs, and big cuts to the carbon pollution causing climate change

Pollution Solution offers up a wide range of tried-and-true climate strategies including, natural gas conservation, supporting made-in-Ontario clean technology, building more public transit, introducing new programs to reduce pollution from freight vehicles, and creating stronger energy-efficient building standards.

In conclusion, the authors point out that many of their suggestions have worked in other jurisdictions and some are currently being practiced in the province and could be expanded. These solutions can be implemented now, and as an added benefit, many will help reduce energy costs for Ontarians.

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