Choreographing Our Future: Strategies for Supporting Next Generation Arts Practice
Shannon Litzenberger

The Metcalf Foundation is pleased to announce the publication of our second Metcalf Fellowship paper in the arts, Choreographing our Future: Strategies for Supporting Next Generation Arts Practice, by Shannon Litzenberger.

As our cultural expression evolves, there is a need to re-look at some of the fundamental assumptions regarding how the arts are supported and sustained in Canada. The environment in which we are operating is radically different than in decades past. New technologies, changing demographics, global interconnectedness, and the evolving nature of public engagement in the arts have transformed our industry. Consequently, the  working practice of the emerging generation is increasingly misaligned with current arts funding policies.

As a practicing artist, Shannon Litzenberger has spent three years – first as a Metcalf Arts Policy Fellow at the Toronto Arts Foundation and then as a Metcalf Fellow – searching for ways to encourage new and innovative enterprise in the arts that is reflective of a diverse, contemporary Canadian cultural expression. Grounded in both theory and practice, Choreographing our Future offers insight into how the arts industry could inspire and support a new, exciting era of arts development in Canada. It provides a lens through which to view arts development that brings into focus what professional artists need in order to create innovative content, to connect meaningfully with audiences, and to develop effective resourcing strategies. It invites practitioners and funders alike to embrace change with courage, curiosity, and imagination.

Le rapport a été traduit en français par le Conseil des arts du Canada.
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