Pointers for Video Applications – Performing Arts Internships

Here are some things to keep in mind for creating your video of the prospective intern and mentor speaking together as part of your Metcalf Performing Arts Internships application.

1. Making your video
If the prospective intern and mentor are unable to come together for whatever reason, we recommend recording your conversation on Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts, FaceTime, or another videoconferencing application. We do not recommend that you record two separate videos, as this will not adequately show the interaction between mentor and intern.

2. Interns frame the video conversation
We ask the intern and mentor to have a conversation based on the following prompt: “As a result of this internship, what do you, the intern, hope will change for you?” The intern should start the video by naming the change the internship opportunity offers them. What follows should be a conversation between the intern and mentor about the idea that’s at the heart of the desired change.

3. Time limit is mandatory
90 seconds seems short, but it allows more than enough time to have a meaningful conversation. Please do not repeat what’s in the application. Start by providing your first names and launch directly into the conversation as outlined in #2, above.

4. Show the relationship between the intern and mentor
Both the intern and mentor should speak in the video — it helps us to see the relationship more clearly. Engage in the prompt through a conversation. Resist the temptation to be gimmicky. Use one take instead of an edited version of highlights. Although we strongly recommend you don’t read prepared notes, we encourage you to plan your talking points in advance. The curiosity and passion the intern and mentor hold for the moment of change needs to come through.

5. Clarity
Please minimize the distractions around you. Let us see and hear you clearly and avoid visual clutter and too much background activity.

6. Use the current application
The application changes every year, in ways both small and large. Please make sure you always use the most up-to-date application — the relevant year is indicated in the title of the guidelines.

Questions? Don’t hesitate to contact the Performing Arts Program Director at the Foundation. We would be pleased to help!