Metcalf Launches New Program for Professional Leadership

The Metcalf Foundation has a long history of supporting the professional development of leaders in the non-profit sector. Building on this longstanding commitment, we are pleased to announce the launch of the Leading and Learning Program. This program replaces the Foundation’s Renewal Program.

The Foundation recognizes the crucial role played by non-profit leaders. They catalyze and accelerate change within organizations and nurture spaces for people to connect, communicate, and engage on a range of pressing social and cultural issues. Non-profit leaders harness creative ideas and develop collaborative partnerships to champion compelling visions of a hopeful future. Such capacity and commitment cannot be taken for granted.

Our Leading and Learning Program has two funding streams. These streams are available to applicants who work in one of Metcalf’s three program areas: the Environment; the Performing Arts; or Inclusive Local Economies.

  • The Network Learning Fund supports a group of organizations, led by a charitable partner, in exploring a shared concern, challenge, or area of common interest. Although we encourage groups to travel to another jurisdiction to learn about promising practices, models, and initiatives, it is not a requirement.
  • The Individual Leadership Fund supports senior non-profit management individuals in their pursuit of professional leadership development with recognized teaching or training institutions.

These two funds take a layered approach to building individual leadership capacity, strengthening the ties between talented peers working in common cause across a sector, and exposing networks to new ideas.

The application guidelines can be found here. For questions about the program, please contact the Metcalf Program Director for the area aligned with your work. The first deadline for the program is May 29, 2017.