Metcalf Story
Leadership Transition at the Metcalf Foundation

This message from Metcalf President and CEO Sandy Houston was sent on June 29, 2023 to members of our community. 

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Twenty-three years ago, I was given a rare opportunity. The Metcalf Foundation had recently received a transformational gift from the estate of George Cedric Metcalf that increased its assets ten-fold. The family asked me to help strategize on how to move forward, building on their long-standing support for the arts, the environment, and poverty reduction. Wisely, I accepted, imagining it would be something I would do part-time for a year or two. Almost a quarter century later, that invitation continues to afford me an extraordinary array of challenges and opportunities, working alongside some of the most passionate, purposeful, and engaged people in Canada — people who are intent on creating social change, forging community, and leaving this country better than they found it.

Today, I’m writing to let you know that I will be stepping down as the President and CEO of the Metcalf Foundation at the end of the year. This was not an easy decision. I have loved my time here and am proud of our work, people, culture, and achievements, but it feels like the right time, personally and professionally.

Canada’s civil society is remarkable. I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to work alongside so many of you. I am grateful for all the invigorating challenges, learning, and friendships that this community has given me.

Metcalf’s next leader will inherit a nimble, thoughtful, and collaborative organization, led by a strong board and supported by a small but mighty staff. While much has been accomplished to date, I have every confidence that even greater things lie ahead.

The board has established a search committee and retained Sharon Rudy of Watson Advisors to lead the search. Consultations will take place over the summer to inform a comprehensive CEO recruitment brief, and the search will officially commence in September. Our expectation is that the new leader will be selected by the end of the calendar year.

I am a strong believer in Metcalf and expect to continue to engage with the work in some form after the end of the year. I will also be interested in other opportunities to use some of what I have learned over my years in the sector, and I welcome your thoughts on that.

With all good wishes,