CBC Radio Ideas broadcasts talk by Metcalf Innovation Fellow Graham Saul

CBC Radio Ideas recently broadcast a talk by Metcalf Innovation Fellow Graham Saul in an episode entitled Why is Environmentalism Failing? It was recorded in Toronto at the beginning of November at a speech Graham gave at the launch of his paper, Environmentalists, what are we fighting for?

Why is Environmentalism Failing? Environmental problems are well-known and have been for decades, but we still appear to be edging towards a global catastrophe. Why? Environmentalist Graham Saul believes that part of the problem is environmentalism itself. He believes it has a message problem — mainly because it doesn’t have a single, coherent, unified message that people can grasp. Graham Saul has been on the forefront of environmental thought and activism for over 25 years. In this lecture, he parses the problem and points towards a step with potential planet-saving implications.

Produced by by Maggie Reid, the episode was originally broadcast on November 23, 2018. The episode can be streamed through the CBC Ideas Radio App and on their site. The Executive Producer of Ideas is Greg Kelly.


CBC Radio Ideas with Paul Kennedy
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