California Learning

As part of a Metcalf Leading and Learning grant, representatives from ÉquiterreFriends of the Greenbelt Foundation, and Régénération Canada traveled to California in September to learn more about the critical role that agriculture can play in mitigating climate change.

The three organizations participated in the two-day, invitation-only Scaling Up Climate Smart Agriculture event, which was hosted by the California Department of Food and Agriculture as part of the Global Climate Action Summit. The event focused on scaling-up climate-smart agriculture both as a means to increase farm resilience to a changing climate and contribute to state and federal greenhouse gas reduction commitments.

The three grantees also met with leading policy-makers, scientists, farmers, ranchers, members of other environmental groups, and representatives from the food industry in order to better understand the factors driving a reduction in agriculture’s carbon footprint in the Golden State

The three partners return highly motivated to share what they learned. They hope to inspire more on-farm transitions, increase public awareness, and advocate for federal policies and programs that consider agriculture as a critical part of Canada’s climate change commitments.

The Leading and Learning Program contains two funding streams: the Network Learning Fund and the Individual Leadership Fund. Applicants to either stream must work in one of Metcalf’s three program areas, Performing Arts, Inclusive Local Economies, or Environment and be connected to a charitable organization.

The Network Learning Fund provides support to a group of organizations that would like to explore a shared concern, challenge, or area of common interest. Initiatives could include a curated study tour, peer shadowing at a specific organization, engaging in innovative practices and initiatives, or attending a conference, festival, or symposium, coupled with pre- and post-event meetings. The fund is designed to encourage shared learning and provide opportunities to develop professional leadership, strengthen sector relationships, and create informal communities of peers who are motivated to pursue collaborative work.

The Individual Leadership Fund is designed for senior non-profit management individuals who wish to pursue professional leadership development by participating in a recognized leadership program with a clear training curriculum. Past participants have taken courses offered at places like the Banff Centre and the Rockwood Leadership Institute.

November 6 is the deadline for funding streams. Details and application information can be found here.