2023 Johannas Eligibility and Selection

The Johanna Metcalf Performing Arts Prizes/Les Prix Johanna-Metcalf des Arts de la scène (Johannas) celebrate artists in Ontario who have made a recognized impact on the field and the public, and show great promise in the ongoing pursuit of their ambitious and visionary practices. Established in 2019 and named in honour of Johanna Metcalf — who was at the heart of the Metcalf Foundation’s work for over 40 years — the biennial prizes amplify her legacy as a passionate supporter of the arts and artists, and is delivered in partnership with the Ontario Arts Council (OAC).


Nominees for the 2023 Johannas are selected by peers in partnership with the OAC through several juried OAC competitions in dance, music/opera, and theatre, as well as competitions focused on Francophone, Indigenous, and Northern communities. Artists who have been producing and showing work over a period of at least 10 years are eligible.

Nominees are assessed for their body of creative work based on the following criteria:

  • Outstanding impact on the field and public
  • Shows great promise in the ongoing pursuit of the artist’s ambitious and visionary practices
  • Devotes most of their time and energy to their practice


Fifteen finalists are selected from the nominees by a jury of their peers.

Five winners are selected from the finalists by a jury consisting of the Metcalf Foundation board of directors, all with deep connections to Johanna Metcalf and arts and culture.

Upon confirming their acceptance of the prize, each of the winners select an Ontario-based protégé in a related practice with up to 10 years of experience. The protégé has made an impact on the field and the public, and shows great promise in the pursuit of their artistic ambitions.