COVID-19: Updates and Links

About this Page

The Metcalf Foundation is following the rapidly changing events brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic and will be updating this page regularly.

We stand with our grantees and members of our community at this very difficult time. We are deeply appreciative of the crucial work you do. We know that many of your organizations are under severe strain in this time of profound uncertainty. The situation we are facing can feel overwhelming, and events and responses are moving with great speed. We are in ongoing conversations with our grantees and partners to better understand and respond to sector needs and priorities as they evolve.

We want to reassure our grantees and partners that we are maintaining all of our 2020 granting commitments. We have the full support of our Board to use the Foundation’s resources to respond with flexibility and speed to the economic and capacity needs generated by this unprecedented situation. We, like many of our philanthropic colleagues, are in the process of developing new approaches and strategies to address some of the challenges that lie ahead. We have already begun to make adjustments to our existing funding relationships to meet immediate needs and will be introducing other new measures in the near future.

Some of our core programs are premised on people working and learning together in close physical proximity. These types of activities are not possible at present and may not be possible for some time. We are currently working on a number of different scenarios to deal with the implications of this reality. As a result, some of our program deadlines are likely to shift. We expect to have a decision on any changes to program deadlines by mid to late April.

While our staff is working remotely, the Foundation continues to operate fully. Grant decisions will be made, contracts processed, and scheduled payments mailed. If you have any questions or concerns about either the status of your grant or the deliverables associated with it, we encourage you to reach out to the relevant Program Director. All contact information can be found here.


How can I get in contact with staff members while they are working remotely?

Email is the best way to reach staff members. Individual email addresses can be found at Contact Us. For general inquiries, please email

Are the deadlines on your website current?

All deadlines on the site are current. However, some deadlines may change as the situation on the ground unfolds. We will be sharing any new deadlines on social media and we encourage you to check the Foundation’s website regularly for any changes.

How will COVID-19 affect your granting process?

We will continue to make grants and payments under all of our current commitments in addition to issuing new grants under our existing granting programs.

We also recognize that not all grantees will be able to complete the activities outlined within current grant agreements under the timelines originally proposed. If you have any questions or concerns about your existing grant, please contact the relevant Program Director. Their email addresses can be found here.

May 19, 2020: Important Update from Metcalf

President and CEO Sandy Houston sent a letter to members of our community updating them on the Foundation’s additional $2 million in new funding and up to $1 million from our 2020 grants budget toward three strategies aimed at the impacts of #COVID19: emergency response, sector-focused support, and forward-looking action.

April 30, 2020: Metcalf Foundation joins Give5 campaign

The Metcalf Foundation is pleased to announce that we are joining with our colleagues at leading Canadian foundations as a partner in the Give5 campaign. We will be increasing our 2020 granting commitments to 5% of our assets in response to the crisis generated by COVID-19.

March 13, 2020: Message from Sandy Houston, President and CEO

On March 13, 2020, Metcalf President and CEO sent a letter to members of the Metcalf Foundation community, outlining the Foundation’s response to the COVID-19 crisis.

Metcalf Foundation activities are continuing during the COVID-19 pandemic. Learn more about our response here.