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Performing Arts Interns Announcement

Metcalf’s Internship Program seeks to strengthen the performing arts by investing in the sector’s most valuable resource — its people.

The program provides paid work opportunities for artists, administrators, and production staff in the early to mid stages of their careers. Interns work closely with mentors and host organizations to design immersive, hands-on learning opportunities that hone their skills, expand their professional networks, and enable them to make meaningful contributions to their field.

Two internship application rounds are held each year. We are pleased to introduce the nine most recent participants of our internship program, who were admitted to the program in late 2016.

Sehar Bhojani

Artistic DirPhoto: PA: Intern: SEHAR BHOJANIection/Producing Intern
Nightswimming & Theatrefront

Sehar Bhojani’s joint internship will imbue her own artistic practice with the administrative and managerial skills required to meet her ambitions of artistic leadership. From Nightswimming’s Brian Quirt, Bhojani will learn to manage the creative direction of a company. From Theatrefront’s Vikki Anderson, she will focus on the more pragmatic and administrative sides of artistic leadership. This combined learning experience will familiarize Bhojani with an Artistic Director’s long-term view, as well as a Producer’s more immediate considerations around executing artistic and business projects.

Ishai Buchbinder

Photo: PA: Interns: ISHAI BUCHBINDERArtistic Direction/Producing Intern
Shadowland Theatre

A founding member of site-specific company Outside the March, Ishai Buchbinder is interested in stretching the boundaries of immersive theatre. He aims to innovate and iterate a theatre practice that imbues both creators and audience with empathy. Working with Shadowland Artistic Director Anne Barber, Buchbinder will train in the realm of community engagement with a specific focus on engaging their environments and localities. He will also hone his skills in artistic directing, directing, set and prop design, and community programming.

Shifra Cooper

Photo: PA: Intern: Shifra CooperArtistic Direction Intern

Shifra Cooper aims to raise the level of her skill set towards meeting her aspirations of artistic leadership in site-specific performance in the community arts sector. Under the guidance of MABELLEarts Artistic Director Leah Houston, Cooper will explore, articulate, and enact her artistic vision while also acquiring new skills for creating and managing longer-term projects and taking leadership within a team of interdisciplinary artists.

jakob Ehman

Photo: PA: Intern: JAKOB EHMANArtistic Producing Intern
Talk is Free Theatre

Jakob Ehman is the founder of experimental company HUMANZOO. Under the mentorship of Artistic Producer Arkady Spivak, Ehman is most interested in evolving his skills and understanding of the administrative roles of artistic production. This will help him acquire the necessary competencies to build a permanent independent company. During his internship, Ehman will explore site-specific work through the lens of Talk is Free’s projects, and receive hands-on experience with grant writing, sponsorships, and budgeting.

Tina Fushell

Photo: PA: Intern: Tina Fushell: Karolina KurasCuration Intern
SummerWorks Performance Festival

Tina Fushell is a dancer, choreographer, and producer with a multi-dimensional practice. She will be mentored by Artistic and Managing Director Laura Nanni within the context of the SummerWorks and Progress Festivals. As Fushell participates in two festivals from inception to delivery to final evaluation, she will learn firsthand about audience engagement, festival and event planning, and artist relationship building, and also enhance her ability to articulate a unique curatorial vision.

Julia Hune-Brown

Photo: PA: Intern: Julia Hune-BrownDirection/Community Arts Intern
Jumblies Theatre

Julia Hune-Brown and Jumblies’ Artistic Director Ruth Howard have created a plan that takes advantage of the company’s current opportunities to respond to Hune-Brown’s aspirations — specifically around directing community-engaged performance through four large-scale performance pieces. Hune-Brown will also learn ways to include oral history and community memory into performance, to deepen her skills in culturally inclusive anti-oppression facilitation and direction, and to increase her experience in community engagement and outreach.

Monica Lee

Photo: PA: Intern: Monica LeeProperties & Set Design Intern
Canadian Stage

Monica Lee is an emerging props builder and set designer who currently acts as Head of Props at Factory Theatre. Together with mentor Mary Spyrakis, Head of Props at Canadian Stage, Lee has designed an internship that will enable her to develop practical skills in carpentry, upholstery, electronics, and mould making, while also improving her communication skills to more effectively facilitate collaborative processes.

Razak Pirani

Photo: PA: Intern: RAZAK PIRANIArtistic Direction Intern
Toronto Tabla Ensemble

Under Toronto Tabla Ensemble Artistic Director Ritesh Das, Pirani will have an active role in planning and executing the Ensemble’s 2017 concert series, as well as composing, recording, and producing the ensemble’s next album. An acclaimed Tabla musician himself, Pirani aims to understand the technicalities of arrangement, studio recording, and post-production, while also developing a practical grasp of marketing strategy, event planning, and administration.

Nicole smith

Photo: PA: Intern: Nicole SmithProducing Intern
Pat the Dog Theatre Creation

Nicole Smith is the founder of Sonderlust, a Kitchener-Waterloo theatre collective. Over a year-long internship, Pat the Dog’s Artistic Director Lisa O’Connell will mentor Smith in communication, staff relations, development, and strategic planning. This new skill set, as well as access to significant network connections, will enable Smith to realize her career goals as Producer and Artistic Director of her own company.

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