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CrSI 2014 cohort presents their findings

In September, participants from the Foundation’s 2014 Creative Strategies Incubator gathered to present their findings gleaned from three years of strategic experimentation and shared learning. Through individual initiatives, each of the companies explored how to engage with audiences and build communities. The seven company’s presentations can be viewed below.

Welcome: Metcalf President and CEO Sandy Houston and Performing Arts Program Director Michael Trent set the stage. Watch Now
SummerWorks: Moving into uncharted territory by integrating digital technology into physical spheres teaches you to expect the unexpected. Presenter: Laura Nanni Watch Now
Nightswimming: There’s no place like home even when it isn’t a physical space but an interactive website. Presenter: Brian Quirt Watch Now
Anandam Dancetheatre: Creating an ‘Audience in Residence’ moved a company from listening to feedback about their artistic practice to reshaping it. Presenter: Brandy Leary Watch Now
Toronto Summer Music Festival: Pairing professional and amateur musicians for an adult summer camp challenged players, changing both performer and audience expectations. Presenters: Natasha Bood, Jonathan Crow and Dr. John Chong Watch Now
Kaeja d'Dance: When hoping to bring community and art together in public spaces, it’s as much how you ask as what you ask. Presenters: Karen Kaeja, Allen Kaeja, and Susan Nagy Watch Now
Jumblies Theatre: Adding the practice of community-engagement to a more conventional orchestra forever transforms both companies in unforeseen ways. Ruth Howard and guest Ryan Scott Watch Now
The Theatre Centre: A desire to extend a new building from a black box into a community hub leads to unpredictable and unconventional results. Presenters Aislin Rose and Franco Boni. Watch Now
Concluding Thoughts: Young People's Theatre Executive Director and Metcalf’s Creative Strategies Incubator Support Lead Nancy Webster on the takeaway that all companies shared. Watch Now
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