Reinventing the Future: Green Economy at Community Scale, featured two leading thinkers on environmental and economic sustainability: Tim Jackson (centre) and Peter Victor (centre right). The evening was moderated by former Mayor of Toronto David Miller, who was joined by Karen Naismith, Managing Director of Project Neutral (far right).

On May 1, the Foundation hosted an evening of ideas and dialogue (see pictures and caption above). The topic was how to strengthen the integrity of our environment while also facilitating sustainable prosperity. In many ways the event was a prelude to our new Environment Program: Prosperity in Balance. In this newsletter, we invite you to watch a short animation that illustrates the focus of the program. We are also pleased to announce the release of two papers and to share a variety of news items from our Grantees. I hope you enjoy this newsletter and as always, welcome your feedback.

Sandy Houston, President and CEO


Prosperity in Balance: our
new Environment Program

How do we strengthen and preserve the integrity of our natural environment in tandem with a successful economy that allows individuals to flourish and communities to thrive? That question, and that juxtaposition, is at the heart of our new Environment Program: Prosperity in Balance. The program aims to support practical examples of ways we can achieve healthy ecosystems as well as thriving communities. For information about the program’s three core initiatives, please see:


First Innovation Paper in
Arts released

We recently released Shared Platforms and Charitable Venture Organizations, by Jane Marsland. The paper focuses on a potential response to current challenges in the arts — one that could make a significant impact on the health of the sector. It examines three possible models for shared platforms in the arts.


Metcalf Green Prosperity Challenge

Consistent with our interest in stimulating new ways of thinking about growth and prosperity, we have just launched the Metcalf Green Prosperity Challenge. It is open to faculty members, graduate students, and individuals formally affiliated with a university in Ontario. The challenge seeks research-based initiatives that demonstrate ways to significantly reduce pressure on the natural environment while also creating economic and social benefits. Responses must include a research-based component as well as a tangible product or outcome. Proposals are due September 24, 2013.


Funding for social impact

As civic organizations emerge as solution-generators to some of the most complex problems facing communities today, public funders must continually ask: how can we best support the work of these organizations? That’s the question behind a new paper by Marilyn Struthers: Fair Exchange: Public funding for social impact through the non-profit sector. In addition to providing an in-depth overview of public funding practices, the paper is also an insightful investigation into what it means to fund well.


Friday Bazaars
at Thorncliffe Park

Metcalf’s Resilient Neighbourhood Economies Pilot project continues to explore new approaches to local economic development. One of the most vibrant examples can be experienced every Friday this summer (except during Ramaddan) at the R.V. Burgess Park in Thorncliffe Park. From 3:30 to 8pm the park is transformed into a lively and friendly bazaar. The bazaar is an initiative created and organized by the Thorncliffe Park Women’s Committee.


Creative Strategies Incubator: 2014 focus issue

We have launched a survey to help us determine the 2014 focus issue for our Creative Strategies Incubator program and to guide possible topics for future years. Please click here if you wish to participate.



Working for Change
wins award

Working For Change has won the 2013 Women Transforming Cities Award in the Empowerment and Mentorship category for their project: Women Speak Out. The project is an intensive 12-week leadership training program that enables women — facing barriers of poverty, violence, homelessness, mental and immigration issues — to become elders in their communities.

Summer Pop-Up-Palooza!

Danforth Avenue, between Monarch Park and Main, has a whole new vibe this summer. That’s because the Danforth East Community Association has been working with landlords to turn empty storefronts into spaces for unique enterprises, art projects, and community activities. In total, five new pop-up shops have opened for a minimum six-month period. The aim is to generate pedestrian traffic and long-term economic and social benefits to the neighbourhood. The project was featured in a story in the Toronto Star by Catherine Porter.

Celebrating a life of healing, helping and humour

Metcalf Fellow John Stapleton has edited a new publication: Not Anytime Soon, that tells the story of Linda Chamberlain. Linda is a fearless community organizer and poverty activist, and also a psychiatric survivor and co-founder of The Dream Team in Toronto. She was also the inspiration for a Metcalf publication, Zero Dollar Linda, written by John Stapleton. Information about Not Anytime Soon can be found here.

Active Model for Collaborative Learning

The Arts Service Organization Learning Network, supported by a Metcalf grant to Orchestras Canada, held a three-day retreat at Gibraltar Point Centre for the Arts in early April. Since then, the network has hosted professional development opportunities with Metcalf Innovation Fellow Patricia Thompson, Richard Evans from EmcArts in New York, and Dave Lougheed from Metcalf believes in collaborative learning and is pleased to support the ongoing efforts of ASOs in this area.

Upcoming Deadlines

August 26, 2013

Renewal Program

September 16, 2013

Letters of interest:
Local Inclusive Economies Opportunities Fund

September 24, 2013

Metcalf Green Prosperity Challenge

October 15, 2013

Performing Arts Internships

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