Metcalf Foundation Logos

Click the link below to download the Metcalf Foundation logo in a variety of formats, suitable for both print and web media. Please note that the logo folder (zip format) is approximately 1 MB of data and, depending on the speed of your internet connection, may take some time to download.

The Foundation hopes that through acknowledgement of our support we are able to raise awareness of our programs, applaud the efforts of our grantees, and encourage other individuals and funders to support the work in which grantees are involved. These goals are substantial. We do not believe they can be achieved merely by listing the Foundation’s name with those of other donors and urge grantees to give serious consideration as to how you will approach this task. Please note that the legal name of the Metcalf Foundation is: The George Cedric Metcalf Charitable Foundation.

Metcalf Foundation activities are continuing during the COVID-19 pandemic. Updates here.