February 2018

This is a time for us to celebrate change. Some changes are inside Metcalf itself as we have three new granting streams in our Environment and Performing Arts programs and have also redesigned our newsletter.

Other positive changes are outside the foundation. One of the most important of these is Bill 148, known as The Fair Workplaces, Better Jobs Act. Passed last November, this bill is the culmination of the effort and determination of many organizations we work with including the Ontario Employment and Education Resource Centre and its partners: the Workers Action Centre, Caregivers Action Centre, and Migrant Workers Action Centre. And others like ACORN, Access Alliance Community Health Centre, and the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives.

This remarkable assemblage tirelessly advocated for many of the elements in this legislation. Bill 148 raised Ontario’s minimum wage to $14 an hour as of January 1, 2018, and increases it to $15 an hour on January 1, 2019. It guarantees employees up to ten emergency leave days annually. It mandates equal pay for part-time, temporary, casual, and seasonal employees doing the same job as full-time employees; and equal pay for temporary help agency employees doing the same job as employees at the agencies’ client companies. It makes employee scheduling fairer.

There are times when our goals of achieving an equitable society seem impossibly difficult. Yet there are moments, perhaps rarer, when through communal effort, through the commitment to a unified vision, and through the power of partnerships, we are able to move towards justice and fairness for all who labour. This is one.

Sandy Houston, President and CEO, Metcalf Foundation


New program Staging Change is unveiled

Staging Change introduces new approaches to the Foundation’s Performing Arts Program through a collaboration with EmcArts, an arts-focused non-profit service provider based in New York.  

Art making in the 21st Century requires a new set of capacities that push the status quo: Staging Change will do just that.

Michael Trent
Director, Performing Arts Program

Two Environment Program funding streams announced

Carbon Landscapes and Climate Blueprints are the latest evolution in our environment program. Carbon Landscapes connects climate action and conservation initiatives while Climate Blueprints focuses on producing implementable policy reports for achieving climate commitments at the provincial and/or national levels.


Metcalf Interview: Sheila Maguire

Having worked all over the world, the Aspen Institute’s Sheila Maguire brings her talent for leadership development to the Toronto Sector Skills Academy.

What inspires me is the passion of people. It captures your heart.

Sheila Maguire
Lead Facilitator, Toronto Sector Skills Academy & Senior Fellow, Aspen Institute Economic Opportunities Program

Report offers innovative solutions to meet Canada's climate commitments

Canada’s inability to meet greenhouse gas emission reduction targets is not due to a lack of will but rather to institutional challenges.

New report on zero-emission vehicles aims to help Canada achieve climate targets

Zero-emission vehicle adoption by Canadians is critical to achieving our 2030 greenhouse gas reduction targets.


How to harness the power of social finance for the arts sector

This relatively new form of financing has a solid track record in places like Britain and is gaining traction here.

Toronto Arts Foundation's report highlights two bold projects

Generator and The RISER Project tackle issues of scarcity that are endemic to the sector and offer up unique solutions.


Summer in Italy? Leading and Learning grants can take you almost anywhere

With the May 15 deadline fast approaching, those thinking about applying can get inspired by some of our participants.



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