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Regent Park: a story of collective impact
Design by Matthew Blackett

Long before shovels touched the ground a core group of Regent Park residents began to discuss the need for change in their neighbourhood. With a clear understanding of why their community mattered, they initiated a major outreach effort, engaging urban thinkers, planners, and local government representatives. Extensive consultation resulted in guiding principles and a shared vision for how to build upon and strengthen the social, cultural, and economic fabric of the neighbourhood. Supported by community service agencies and faith groups, and financed by a unique public-private partnership, Regent Park is now one of the largest urban renewal projects in the world.

Regent Park: a story of collective impact tells the story of Regent Park’s revitalization. The story is an example of how the commitment of key players from different sectors, to a common agenda, can result in a collective impact of positive “city building.” 

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