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Video Stories from the 2013 Creative Strategies Incubator

In the Creative Strategies Incubator, performing arts companies explore strategies for addressing longstanding sectoral issues in meaningful new ways.

The focus issue of the 2013 Creative Strategies Incubator cohort was “new approaches to, or alternative sources of, revenue.” Five companies participated in the three-year program.

To mark the 2013 cohort’s “graduation,” we’ve released a series of short videos that document and reflect upon each funded initiative. From social enterprises to digital marketing, the results and insights from these initiatives provide many opportunities for shared learning within the broader performing arts community.

Acting Up Stage Company transformed their annual Koerner Hall concert series into a social enterprise, and expanded it into a three-day event. By choosing to build upon existing programming, the company was able to minimize costs, capitalize on an existing audience, and ensure the sustainability of the project after the Incubator’s conclusion.

Art of Time Ensemble built a robust online hub around their company’s archive of audio and digital recordings. Inspired by the Grateful Dead’s pioneering concept of “freemium” content, their new website offered audiences the chance to experience an Art of Time performance through multimedia materials, which in turn gave this small company the opportunity to strengthen their brand and increase ticket sales at a minimal cost.

Tafelmusik revamped their online presence, streamlining customer interactions through the introduction of a new online sales platform. Their work was driven by evaluation: Tafelmusik constantly tested the efficacy of their new online store through in-page analytics and digital ad buys, and then used these findings to streamline the site’s design and ensure an easy purchase process.

TAPA partnered with ArtsBuild Ontario and WorkInCulture to launch SpaceFinder Toronto, a searchable online database of creative venues that acts as a revenue-generating opportunity for local production companies. By drawing from each organizations’ diverse resources and skill sets, the team was able to minimize the learning curve on an ambitious project.

The Toronto Fringe created a crowdfunding site to support independent theatrical productions participating in the Fringe, and launched a comprehensive app for festival attendees. Responsiveness and open communication were key values to their projects: the Fringe designed and shifted their strategies using feedback from festival performers and patrons.

Hear more from the 2013 Creative Strategies Incubator cohort at the Stories from the Inc.

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