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Toronto’s Cycling Network is Growing

It’s been a great bike month for Toronto cyclists.

On June 9th, City Council voted 38-2 to approve Toronto’s 10-year Cycling Plan, which will add hundreds of kilometers of bike infrastructure across the city. Council also voted to double the City’s cycling budget to $16 million a year.


Click to view the proposed bike plan in greater detail. Image: City of Toronto.


In a similarly decisive vote last in May, Council approved a pilot project that will see bike lanes installed on Bloor Street by the end of summer 2016. The Province of Ontario also recently announced that its Climate Change Action Plan would devote between $150,000,000 to $225,000,000 over the next five years in support of commuter cycling networks in municipalities across the province.

Metcalf, alongside our Cycle City grantees and partners, has played an important role in promoting the expansion of cycling infrastructure in Toronto. Most recently, we partnered with Evergreen, Cycle Toronto, and the Toronto Centre for Active Transportation to gauge Torontonians’ support for greater investment in cycling infrastructure. According to the Angus-Reid poll, 86% of Torontonians from across the city support the development of a safer cycling network. 

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