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Supporting Cycling in Canadian Cities

A new Metcalf-funded report by Pembina Institute finds momentum and support for cycling is growing in Toronto, however the city still has the least cycling infrastructure per capita when compared to four other Canadian cities. The report highlights five key findings:

  1. Calgary has the most cycling infrastructure per capita of the five cities studied, almost three times as much as Toronto, which has the least cycling infrastructure per capita.
  2. Vancouverites cycle the most with over 100,000 cycling trips made every day, followed by Torontonians with around 96,000 daily trips.
  3. Montreal has the most separated cycling lanes – 72 kilometres of separated cycling facilities across the island.
  4. 100% of Ottawa and Vancouver’s rapid transit stations are within 400 metres of cycling paths.
  5. Vancouver has the highest cycling mode share. Over 4% of all trips in the City of Vancouver are by bicycle.

Learn more about the research findings by reading the report.

Media coverage for the paper includes:

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Toronto Star, Tess Kalinowski

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Calgary Herald, Tom Babin

Montreal has most paths, most bike accidents, study shows
Montreal Gazette, Jason Magder

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Ottawa Citizen, Blair Crawford

Montreal cyclists have more bike paths — and more accidents — than any other big Canadian city
National Post, Jason Magder

Cyclists in Vancouver safest in the country due to infrastructure, says report

Vancouver safest city to cycle in Canada: Pembina Institute report
Metro News (Vancouver), Emily Jackson

Toronto gaining momentum among cycling cities report
Metro News (Toronto)

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