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Metcalf Named a Cycling Visionary at the Toronto Bike Awards

Image courtesy of Cycle Toronto

The Toronto Bike Awards are an annual celebration organized by cycling advocacy group Cycle Toronto and the City of Toronto that honour people and organizations that demonstrate leadership in encouraging cycling for employees, customers, and the community.

At this year’s event, held on February 24th, the Metcalf Foundation was awarded the Toronto Cycling Think & Do Tank’s 2015 Vision Award.

Metcalf’s Environment Program has identified cycling as a key determinant of urban sustainability in Toronto. The program’s Cycle City funding stream aims to build an active constituency and a culture that supports cycling through research, advocacy, and community-based initiatives. Diverse groups such as Charlie’s FreeWheels, Evergreen CityWorks, Malvern Family Resource Centre, and the Toronto Centre for Active Transportation have been supported in their efforts to convene stakeholders, conduct community outreach, and promote cycling across the city.

A full list of Toronto Bike Award winners is available on the Cycle Toronto website. 

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