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Better Way Alliance produces short videos to promote $15 per hour minimum wage

A recent video campaign by the Better Way Alliance showcases some of their members talking about the benefits of a  $15 per hour minimum wage, which is set to go into effect in January 2019.

“Video is one of the best ways to get our message out in a quick and interesting way,” said Gilleen Pearce, Better Way Alliance spokesperson and owner of Walk My Dog Toronto. “We are used to seeing business lobbies try to roll back worker’s rights. We are on a mission to prove that many businesses out there think differently.”

Metcalf grantee Better Way Alliance brings together businesses and employers who champion the increase to $15 minimum wage for Ontario workers. These businesses, representing many parts of Ontario’s economy, from manufacturing, to retail, IT services, and food production, embrace employee well-being as a wise financial investment. Better Way Alliance members also believe that taking care of employees helps achieve long-term profitability. That means training, regular scheduling, a living wage, and efforts to nurture a happy and healthy work culture. Investing in one’s workforce results in greater productivity and customer loyalty. Businesses thrive when its people do well. And when employees earn more, they spend more, cycling more revenue throughout our local economies.

If you know of businesses that are decent work champions, please connect them with the Better Way Alliance to strengthen the voice of progressive business owners.

Bread by Us, Ottawa, Ontario Watch Now
Knifewear, Ottawa Watch Now
Menno S. Martin Contracting Ltd., St. Jacobs, Ontario Watch Now
This short video features three Ontario businesses: Grosche International, Cambridge; PeaceWorks Technology Solutions, Kitchener; and Children's Foundation, Guelph. Watch Now
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