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Intermission Magazine Puts Toronto’s Theatre Community Centre Stage

Driven by its mission to “tell the stories behind the stories on stage,” a new digital magazine is shining a spotlight on Toronto’s performing arts community.

Intermission Magazine is produced by The Company Theatre and written by theatre professionals and arts journalists. It publishes feature articles on emerging issues in the contemporary performing arts, reviews of Toronto productions, weekly columns and personal essays, and interviews with prolific performers and creators.

Since its launch on March 29, the magazine has explored the theatre community’s murky definition of “diversity on stage,” documented the challenges of balancing parenthood with a career as an actor, and shared Christine Horne’s experience of being featured on the cover of NOW magazine while she couldn’t pay her rent.

Intermission Magazine is the focus initiative of The Company Theatre’s participation in Metcalf’s Creative Strategies Incubator. This 3-year granting program supports professional performing arts companies as they pursue innovative solutions to long-term challenges. The 2015 initiatives all explore new approaches to revenue generation, the same issue pursued by the 2013 cohort.

Intermission Magazine is intended to act as a new source of income for The Company Theatre through digital advertising sales. However, it also has the potential to strengthen the Canadian theatre community by offering a unique opportunity for performing arts professionals to share their experiences and to gain insights from each other.

We look forward to sharing The Company Theatre’s reflections on their Creative Strategies Incubator initiative on our Stories from the Inc. page.

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