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Forum on Revitalizing Local Economies

Photo: Danforth East Community Association

On November 10, Danforth East Community Association (DECA), a Metcalf grantee, is hosting an all-day forum: Building Vibrant Communities and Energizing Main Streets. Keynote Speaker Jennifer Keesmaat, Chief Planner City of Toronto, with other guest speakers will discuss how local communities and businesses can work together to revitalize their local economies.

DECA, in partnership with WoodGreen Community Services, has used temporary pop-up shops to fill empty storefronts along a stretch of Danforth Ave (Greenwood to Main Street). The shops increase foot traffic and support community renewal. Having reduced the storefront vacancy from 17% to 9% over the last few years, DECA is now focused on sharing its model with other neighbourhoods and community associations interested in renewing their commercial main streets. The Metcalf Foundation has provided support to DECA since 2013.

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