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Enabling Climate Solutions

On June 3, Canada’s Ecofiscal Commission, a Metcalf grantee, hosted an event in Toronto featuring an all-star line-up of speakers on the topic of Ontario’s climate action plan, specifically its commitment to implement a cap-and-trade system. Coinciding with this event, the Commission released a brief outlining four fundamental principles of good cap-and-trade design. The four fundamental principles are as follows:

  1. Stringency of policy should rise gradually and predictably over time in order to drive meaningful emissions reductions.
  2. Coverage of policy should be as broad as practically possible.
  3. Aim to auction all allowances. The scope for free allocations should be narrow, rules-based, and transitional.
  4. Seek opportunities for linkage.

Learn more about these principles and associated recommendations, as well as the other efforts of Canada’s Ecofiscal Commission in advancing practical climate solutions here.

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