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Do you have the talent to lead?

The vitality of the cultural sector is dependent upon the strength and diversity of its leadership. But as a generation of cultural managers approaches retirement age—and young workers struggle to find their footing in an often-precarious industry—how will we ensure that vital knowledge and skills are shared among the sector’s future leaders?

Talent to Lead (T2L) is a new pilot program that seeks to facilitate this leadership transition and support the longterm health of the industry. Offered by the Cultural Human Resources Council (CHRC), with support from the Department of Canadian Heritage and the Metcalf Foundation, T2L provides structured 10-month mentorship opportunities that link young professionals with likeminded and established leaders in the cultural sector.

“T2L is designed for mid-career cultural managers seeking to take their careers to the next level,” explains Susan Annis, executive director of the CHRC. “It creates opportunities for learning from one another and building relationships with other leaders, while also providing expert support from top-notch executives in the field.”

To complement the one-on-one learning experiences between mentors and mentees, T2L is also launching an online community for members of the nation-wide program. Each month, they’ll participate in webinars, led by top cultural leaders, that focus on management topics sourced from CHRC’s HR Management Toolkit

For Annis, the benefits of the program are twofold: “Mentees will expand their networks, increase their knowledge of the cultural sector, hone their HR management skills, and acquire invaluable tools. For their part, mentors will have a satisfying and enriching opportunity to give back to the sector by helping talented cultural managers advance their careers as the decision makers of tomorrow.”

T2L is currently seeking both mentors and mentees for the first session of the program, which is offered in English from January to October 2017. A second session, offered in both French and English, will begin in May 2017.

For the first T2L session, the deadline for applications for mentors and mentees is September 15, 2016.

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