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Bike Lanes destined for Bloor Street

Photo: City of Toronto

In a 38-3 vote, Toronto City Council has approved a pilot project that will install separated bike lanes along Bloor Street.

The 2.6-kilometre stretch of lanes will run eastbound and westbound between Shaw Street and Avenue Road. The lanes will be established in late summer, and will be in effect for a one-year period. Performance of the project will be evaluated based on the amount of cyclists who use the lanes, the effects on motorist travel times, and the level of support and feedback from residents and businesses in the area.

The Metcalf Foundation and two neighbourhood BIA’s are supporting a parallel study conducted by the Toronto Centre for Active Transportation (TCAT) in partnership with researchers at the University of Toronto that will examine the economic impact of the pilot project on local businesses. Earlier research conducted by TCAT in 2009 indicated that 90% of shoppers to the busy commercial street arrived by walking, cycling, or taking public transportation.

Studies conducted in other cities have found that bike lanes increase the number of cyclists on the road and also improve safety for cyclists.

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